Toasteds Crackers, Wheat, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Manufacturer Description

Delicious and lightly toasted, Keebler Toasteds Harvest Wheat Crackers are a satisfying snack for any occasion. Made with quality ingredients, our Harvest Wheat Crackers are cholesterol free and low in saturated fat (contains 3.5 grams total fat per serving) for enjoyable, worry-free snacking. Deliciously crafted, these incredible crackers make a wonderful stand-alone snack and go great with dips, cheese, fruit preserves, deli meats, and more. Add them to your party platter, pack a stack for lunch, and keep them on hand for a simple snack at school, work, or home.

Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers

Perfect for parties, snacking, and as a pantry staple, Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers bring distinctive flavor to everyday occasions. Each cracker is toasted to perfection for a light, crisp texture embellished with flecks of grain you can see, and the signature Toasted taste. Whether enjoyed with a simple slice of cheddar or a hearty dip, these crackers are the "toast" of any party platter.

A Satisfying Snack

Regular snacking helps prevent over-eating at mealtime and provides children with needed energy to keep their brains and bodies going throughout the day. Choosing a snack that satisfies hunger and taste in a healthful way is essential to maintaining a good diet. Each five-cracker serving of Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers contains just 70 calories while providing a naturally satisfying crunch that is loaded with toasty flavor. Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers contain zero trans fats and are low in saturated fats. Offering a crunch that compliments and a taste that satisfies, Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers are a great way to enhance a lunch box, satisfy after-school hunger pangs, or fill up healthfully between meals.

A Versatile Pantry Staple

Thanks to their flakey texture and toasty goodness, Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers can enrich your next party or add to mealtime--especially when incorporated into some of your favorite recipes. The next time you're planning a party or a family picnic, pair Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers with your favorite finger foods for an elegant presentation. Try Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers as a toasty crust in a quiches and other savory baked dishes. Or--simply crumble Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers into your soup and enjoy.

About Kellogg

Kellogg Company is a leading producer of cereal and convenience foods--a company you can rely on for great-tasting, high quality foods. Kellogg was founded in 1906, in Battle Creek, Michigan. For more than 100 years, innovation and their commitment to being the best has guided the company. From being the first company to offer premiums in cereal boxes to being the first to fortify the cereals, Kellogg has historically been a leader in industry, innovation, and marketing.

The founder, W.K. Kellogg, had a strong commitment to nutrition, health, and quality. His vision continues to drive improvement in the products and processes, with the goal of providing great-tasting, nutritious products that meet the most rigorous quality standards.

With more than 100 ready-to-eat cereals around the world, consumers count on Kellogg for great-tasting, convenient, and affordable choices that meet their nutrition needs.

Club Crackers offer the taste you can savor. The buttery flavor and flaky texture in each cracker will melt in your mouth. You can try them out with salads and soups, add your favorite toppings, or just enjoy them alone. It contains wheat and soy ingredients and they are light, flaky and buttery.

Product Features

Pack of six, 8-ounce boxes of Keebler Harvest Wheat Toasted Crackers Wheat crackers with a crispy texture and flecks of grain you can se Light, crisp texture with the signature Toasteds taste Zero trans fats; low saturated fats Perfect for parties, snacking, and as a pantry staple

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